Every year it's something new for high school coaches to have to deal with, or club coaches for that matter.

Few things are worse that that mid-season injury to one of your more prominent players.  Especially when it comes during the middle of the conference season, which most of the North Carolina High School teams are currently in.  How do you deal with it?  Should you be proactive or reactive in dealing with it.  

In this article I'll look at some of both the ways that the problem could have been dealt with prior to and after the situation, both on the proactive side and reactive side.

The Weddington Boys soccer program has topped the MaxPreps state rankings, as well as the national rankings, for the week of 8/29/16 and is followed closely by Green Hope High School.

Weddington currently has a 7-0 record under coach Powell Williams, with wins over Butler, Providence, South Mecklenburg, Charlotte Catholic, Ashbrook, Charlotte Latin, and Ardrey Kell.

With Charlotte becomming a powerhouse among NC soccer, along with rise of the Wilmington contingency, the crown for NC's best soccer teams is spreading away from the Raleigh triangle area, and it shows through the success of the high school teams.