The Boys All-State teams for 2016 have been announced by NCSCA, as well as those players who made the All-Region teams for each classificaiton.

The North Carolina Soccer Coaches Asssociation nominates players for both All-Region and All-State each year, and only those players that make the All-Region teams are eligible to be nominated for All-State recognition.

The North Carolina Soccer Coaches Association is made up of member coaches throughout North Carolina, and nominations are made by those coaches and voted on at regional and state selection meetings.  

For more information on All Region and All State selections, click the Read More link below or one of the links in the top menu.  Congratulations to all the boys that made the All Region and All State teams.

With the off-season already starting for some, it won't be long until all the NC soccer coaches will embark on that long "Winter Break", when most coaches take the time to recharge their batteries and prepare for the February girls soccer season.

Most coaches take this time to just relax and rejuvenate their souls from the long, enduring boys soccer season which for some could have lasted 6 months if they started off-season workouts in June.  It's a long period of time that coaches work on the boys teams, and for coaches that coach both the men and women's programs at their school, it can be an all year long event.

Relaxation period is important and coaches should always take the time to rest themselves mentally and physically from a gruelling season.  However, there are some other important things that coaches can do during that time that will make their season run much smoother.

As the brackets have been released, and teams have found out their fates for the 2016 NCHSAA State Playoffs, some questions have come up regarding the new berth and seeding process.

With the new process, conference champions are auto qualifiers, and all other teams are ranked based on their overall win percentage to determine the top 64 teams that qualify.

After those 64 teams are noted, they are divided into midwest, west, mideast, and east sections.

After that, they are ranked 1-16 with conference champions earning top seeds and ordered by overall win percentage, then the remainder in that division seeded based on overall win percentage as an "at large"berth.

There are a few questions that could be asked regarding the process in hindsight and we will explore those here.

The 2016 brackets have been released by the NCHSAA for the 1A-4A Men's Soccer programs.

Lots of predictions weren't far off when determining the brackets this year by many projectors, however, there were a few nuiances that had to be sorted out and may have changed a few of the final bracket placements.

Also, lots of scores have been coming back over the past few days, tie-breaker matches, that may have changed the predictions, etc.

Please click the "Read More" link below for the link to the finalized brackets.