Soccer Camp Season is back in action and many coaches are working hard to develop their summer camp offerings to kids ranging from ages 8-18.  

Many high school and college soccer programs offer camps to any kid that is willing to pay the fee, but with many collegiate camp prices soaring through the roof in an effort to subsidize the ever expanding college soccer program budget, how does that place the high school soccer camp scene?

Most high schools offer some variety of soccer camps, but over the years with the evolution of club soccer, the high school soccer camp has almost gone into disarray and no longer exists.

Where high school coaches used to be able to offer a soccer camp during the summer to help subsidize their already non-existant budgets, now those same coaches can't even get enough kids out during the summer to justify it's own existence.

Or there's the possibility that those high school coaches with some credentials to their name could host financially beneficial summer camps that would be competitive with those offered by colleges.   If not the credentials to their name, at least some history of a winning program would surely see some high school coaches be able to congregate enough players to be able to hold a feasible camp.

It could be that the overpriced nature of college "ID" camps and "team" camps (and we use that term very loosely) could cause some players to revert back to the high school camps that are much more realistically priced.  However, most likely, with the college camps being so overpriced and the lack of qualified high school coaches, the kids are likely to once again sit at home during the summer months and enjoy the off time in the comfort of their air conditioned homes.

The original purpose of soccer camps were to help kids better develop as players, but somewhere along the way with money in mind and financial budgets to maintain, we've lost sight of the plan and are now causing more damage than we are good.

But alas, here we are again during the "summer camp silly season", with many offerings throughout North Carolina available to any potential (and non-potential) college bound athletes.

Let the madness commence.