"Fighting the good fight" is a phrase that Pete Carroll used to explain why good coaches often quit.  Around North Carolina there are several teams that are currently sitting in the standings with only 1-2 wins, if any.

What is it that keeps those coaches going, and keeps them from getting in the rut of wanting to give up on their season with only half the season down, and another half remaining?

It can be frustrating at times to say the least for coaches who deal with teams that just can't seem to get it to "click", but that's no reason for a coach to give up on the situation and to let things go.

Every coach will eventually run into that season where things just aren't going as they planned.  Maybe they overplanned or over evaluated their team during the pre-season and expected a bit more.

Coaches have to be able to adapt to those situations and set new achieveable goals for their teams during those times and look to the positives that are attainable.

Every team is not going to be a championship winning team, but that doesn't mean that progress can't be made.

So how do coaches refocus and get things back on the right ship, and the team moving in the right direction with a proper set of goals.

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