All the brackets are down to the final four teams, from 1A to 2A in Women's soccer for the 2016/2017 school year.   With the new bracketing and seeding system, there were several "upsets" along the way, however, the perreniel powerhouses that always show quality in the playoffs are still there.

In this article, we will explore a few of the teams that made the final four groups and make our predictions as to which teams will edge out the state playoff titles in each classification.

The 1A Breakdown

In the 1A final four, the teams Woods Charter, Franklin Academy, Gray Stone Day, and Community School of Davidson are at the top.  Woods Charter is up against Franklin Academy again, after losing 3-1 last season fairly late in the tournament.  With only 3 seniors graduating off last years team, and Franklin sitting at 21-2 overall and 4 players above 18 goals each, we're expecting more of the same and are likely to see Franklin Academy in the finals.

Gray Stone Day will face off against Community School of David.  Community School of Davidson actually ousted Franklin Academy last season in the NCHSAA Championship game, so we're assuming that Gray Stone Day will only be in the way of a repeat matchup of that final game.

6 Seniors graduated and 7 players are returning from the NCHSAA champion side CSOD, while Franklin will be returning a large portion of their championship game side.  3 of the goalscorers for CSOD from the championship game last season have graduated, so only 2 goals from the championship side last season are returning.  With Franklin at 21-2 and CSOD at 24-0-1, we're expecting another CSOD NCHSAA title by a score of 3-1.  Match will be inevitably closer this year due to the amount of returners who have championship game experience.

The 2A Breakdown

The final four teams for the 2A classification are Dixon, Carrboro, Hendersonville, and West Stokes.  Carborro is the only returning team to the final 4 this year, with a overall record of 19-1-1.  The team that blanked First Flight ladies 5-0 in the semi's last year and then went on to beat Forbush 1-0 in the finals will be returning with all but 2 players from last years championship side.  With 3 players totaling 50 goals between them this year, it will be hard to see anyone other than Carrboro repeating their championship this year.  Dixon will most likely be their toughest opponent in the semi's at 22-2-1 overall.  If they can make it past Dixon, then I fully expect them to make the finals.

On the other half of the semis you have Hendersonville and West Stokes.  Hendersonville comes in at 21-1 while West Stokes comes in at 23-3-1.  Hendersonville ladies have 113 goals for, 12 against, while West Stokes has 111 for and 19 against.  West Stokes has 2 seniors, while Hendersonville is a junior laden team with 9 juinor players on their team.  West Stokes made a late run last season, and with their experience and seniors and strong defensive unit, I would expect them to reach the finals to face Carrboro.

In the finals, we're predicting a 2-0 final score edged towards Carrboro.  They will have to work hard to score those 2 goals against the strong defensive side of West Stokes, who have only allowed 19 goals against this season.

The 3A Breakdown

This year, the final four for the 3A classificaiton is Terry Sanford, Corinth Holders, Cox Mill and Weddington.  Cox Mill and Weddington are both returners to this final four, with Weddington edging out Cox Mill last year by a score of 1-0 in the semi finals.  Terry Sanford and Corinth Holders are all new this year.

Both Cox Mill and Weddington graduated 4 seniors last year.  Cox Mills highest scoring senior only had 4 goals last year, while Weddington lost over 44 goals from seniors that graduated last year.  Cox Mill will be coming in at 23-2 while Weddington will be coming in at 20-2.  Cox Mills 163 goals for will be enough this year to see them past Weddington, who've only scored 97 goals for.  We're predicting a 3-1 scoreline for this match as well for Cox Mill, who will move on to the finals to face the east representative.

In the East, Corinth Holders are at 18-4-1 while Terry Sanford are at 24-0-1.  Corinth Holders 3 seniors on their team, while Terry Sanford have 9 senior players looking to end their season in style.  Both are conference champions, but Corinth Holders have 121 GF and 14 GA, while Terry Sanford have 114 GF and 6 GA in a fairly strong conference.  We predict Terry Sanford to edge this one out to end up facing Cox Mill in the finals.

In the finals, it will be a tight match between two strong teams, but we expect Terry Sanford to pull the upset here in this one by a final score of 2-1.  Terry Sanfords group of seniors who can put the ball in the net will see their season come up trumps with a championship to their name.